a story so great

Have you ever come up with a story so great, it could change the world? I think we all like to think we have. The writers and dreamers in the room anyway. I once came up with a story so great, it could make any grown man cry. I once came up with a story... Continue Reading →

camera shy

I've recently found myself to be a little camera shy, but not necessarily in the traditional sense of the word. Camera shy is defined as, "reluctant to be photographed or filmed". When I was little I hated photos - I would never smile or would pull ridiculous faces to ruin the shot. As I've gotten... Continue Reading →

the hiatus

I haven't been the most active blog as of late, but I don't think I can really form the words to explain why. Sure, things have been busier than usual that's true. I turned 21 yesterday, I've been working more, uni is starting up next week and I have a huge test I need to... Continue Reading →

a writer’s wish

I know I've been posting more creative work lately, but if I'm honest it's because life is messy at the moment. Things are going great, but they're just busy. There's a lot going on and I find it rare when I can retreat to my laptop and manage to write something somewhat comprehensible. Tonight; however,... Continue Reading →

new beginnings

"I see glistening icicles hanging from the pine trees around me. The trees stand tall, unmoving in their hundred-year-old roots. I see the tall, overgrown mountains. They are poised like bowing giants worshiping something bigger than even they. I see the roaring sea with its rough foaming waves crashing against the pebbled beach. The salty... Continue Reading →

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