Here, now

Some find themselves clinging to the past. Some are unable to take their eyes off of the future. While few take a moment to breathe in the air they are breathing, to enjoy the sights they are seeing, to remember time is a treasure. Not just in the past, or the future, but in the... Continue Reading →


creative: my latest project

Who knew the holiday season could get so busy? Well, I guess I knew deep down inside, but part of me always hopes it won't be too bad. This time around it seems I've been swept up into a whirlwind of commitment and catch ups - neither of which I'm particularly mad at. I always... Continue Reading →

The church I call home

This blog post is about a church. Many of you might have heard of it, some of you haven't, but it really makes no difference. That's because this church that people often approach with assumptions and opinions is something unlike anything I've ever seen before. It's filled with so many people, but it's a family.... Continue Reading →

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